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erasmus plus

Eötvös Loránd University now accepts applications from students who would like to participate in the Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility Programme in Academic Year 2016/2017. The Faculty of Social Sciences is engaged in this programme with the University of Haifa in the field of sociology and cultural studies. The University of Haifa accepts one MA student and two PhD students for 5 months that has to be spent in the autumn semester. Applications are accepted until 16 March 2016.

Aim of the call

Accepted students will receive opportunity to study as an exchange student without paying any tuition fee at one of the partner universities outside the European Union, in the same status as the students of the host university. Credits can be accepted with the approval of the appropriate Department/Institute.
The purpose of study tours might be to spend one academic semester abroad or start to work on thesis preparation. The mobility can only be realized if the home university accepts the credits of the exchange study. The recognition of courses completed abroad is based on the credit transfer regulation of ELTE.
Erasmus+ international credit mobility students studying at a host university:

  • Do not pay tuition fee at the host university;
  • Have a student status at the home university with receiving associated grants from and paying necessary costs to the home university;
  • Fulfil one part of their studies away from their home university and these subjects/credits are accepted by the home university upon arrival (though before departure, the study programme is planned together with the academic representative of the student at the home university). ECTS credits determined by the host university must be fulfilled on an average basis in a semester but it can not be less than 20 ECTS or other achievements corresponding to 20 ECTS. The minimum credit that must be fulfilled at the courses is specified by the academic representative of the home university. PhD students may perform research activities as defined in the context of the partner university training plans as part of training (min. ECTS is not determined).
  • Receive an Erasmus+ financial grant for 5 months. Only subjects and courses directly related to the student’s major at the home university are accepted, while other subjects and courses will be evaluated by a separate procedure

Who can apply?


  • With Hungarian nationality or registration or permanent residence permit or residence permit;
  • With a student status at Eötvös Loránd University in that semester the student is planning his/her mobility

According to the rules/regulations of the Erasmus+ program each student can obtain Erasmus status for max. 12 months on the basis of level of educations (studies and internship in total, even if it is label (zero grant) mobility). If the student has already participated in Erasmus program but she/he could not use the 12 month Erasmus period, the student can apply again (even if, it is label (zero grant) mobility). The following students can apply as well: Students studying in a master or doctoral programme and they have already participated in Erasmus program in a different study cycle (in case of an MA/Msc student it means BA/Bsc, in case of a doctoral student it means MA/Msc and BA/Bsc).

Amount of the grant scheme

The grants for 2016/2017:

  • Successful students receive financial support for a five months period.
  • The financial support amounts to 650 €/ month for every partner university.
  • Successful students receive a one time travel support based on the travel distance. Travel distances are calculated using the distance calculator supported by the European Commission. Financial support ranges between 180 and 1100 EUR

Students with disability or chronicle illness can apply for additional financial support as well. The expected deadline for the application is July and November (more information).

We would like to call the students’ attention to the fact that the financial support does not cover all the costs that arise during their stay abroad and it must be covered from other sources.

How to apply?

Only paper applications will be available for the call. Applications appealing to the call must be handed in print and signed with attachments at the Dean’s Office to Ms. Katalin Gacs (Lágymányos Campus, North Building, room 7.91) until 16 March 2016. Please note that applications with late or insufficient submission are not accepted.
Attachments to the application:

  • planned study programme and motivation letter (in English)
  • CV (in English)
  • exam results of the previous semesters printed from the NEPTUN (MSc-students need to attach the  copy of the exam results of their BSc semester as well)
  • copy of the degree (s) (if the applicant currently enrolled in a Master or Doctoral program)
  • if the applicant does not have a Hungarian nationality, there is a need to attach the copy of documents of permanent residence permit or residence permit/refugee status certifying the applicants status
  • Application form


Submitted applications are evaluated by the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Faculty until 08 April, 2016 the latest. The ranking is published on this day by the Faculty. The student might be required to participate at a personal interview after receiving the written evaluation.
General criteria of the evaluation (the list is not in a priority order):

  • Study plan
  • Language proficiency at the study field;
  • Academic achievement;
  • Professional awareness;
  • Academic excellence or other significant professional achievement;
  • Participation in Student Union activities or others at related organizations;
  • Participation in a Student Mentor/Buddy System, supporting students

Students who have not participated in the Erasmus+ programme before are given priority in the evaluation.

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