Liubov Fadeeva az orosz politikai identitásról


A Doktori Iskola meghívására 2016. december 12-én Liubov Fadeeva politológus professzor tart előadást a TáTK-n "The Construction of Russian Political Identity. Culture vs Institution" címmel.

Időpont: 2016. december 12., 17:30
Helyszín: ELTE Lágymányosi Campus, Északi Tömb (1117 Budapest, Pázmány Péter sétány 1/A), 0.100C Kari Tanácsterem
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Liubov Fadeeva a Permi Állami Egyetem politológus professzora.
Az előadás minden érdeklődő számára nyitott, nyelve angol (tolmácsolás nem lesz).

The Construction of Russian Political Identity. Culture vs Institution

Constructing of the Russian political identity in 1990s was based by political elites on the idea of the break with the past and need to build a new Russia with democratic institutions.Russian identity was the subject of the public debates and political contestation; no consensus on the way to choose.Since the beginning of 2000s elites strengthened emphasis on political culture and traditional cultural values more than on institutions.

The most of people (about 60% in 2000-2008) thought that in terms of its traditions and culture Russia represents a special country that is not similar either to Europe or to Asia.Putin and elites stimulate as the main components of Russian identity patriotic values; they seek to present Russia  as a great victor both in wars and in mega-sport events.

Identity politics of Putin influences the Russian society; a new conservative majority (about 80%) prefers a specific way of Russia, feels suspicion to the West as an opponent or even an enemy.

Questions of national identity and foreign policy are strongly linked  in contemporary Russia; that’s why a new conservative majority supports Putin and admire  him.

The Russian identity remains a work in progress and still be the subject of fierce political contestation but public debates replaced by discussion in social media.

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