Health Policy, Planning and Financing

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Health Policy, Planning and Financing MSc
Department of Health Policy and Health Economics

The Specialization in Health Economics, launched in  English, offers multi-disciplinary expertise and a problem- oriented approach. Such knowledge and skills will remain relevant in the long run and help graduates understand  and analyse key issues of future health systems, such as:  efficiency of health technologies, sustainability of health  financing, and techniques to measure and influence the  performance of health care systems.

Our program prepares students for career positions in  both the private and public sectors. This includes health  care governance and financing at national and local levels  and careers at pharmaceuticals companies, public and  private health care providers, as well as education and  research institutions.
The Master Program enables graduates to understand the  complexities of health care systems both at macro and  micro levels and to perform tasks in analysis, planning,  financing and management of health technologies, health  care services and health systems.

We expect applicants from foreign countries who  would like to acquire state-of-the-art knowledge  and skills in the areas mentioned above with  a special focus on applicability in emerging  markets.

Foreign students studying at Hungarian medical  universities may choose to combine their  medical degree with the degree offered by our  program.  A master degree in English can also be an  attractive option for Hungarian students, given  increasing international co-operation in several  areas of health care.

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