Posztdoktori ösztöndíjas pozíció a Torontói Egyetemen

University of Toronto

A Torontói Egyetem kutatói hirdettek meg posztdoktori ösztöndíjas pozíciót. 2017. augusztus 10-ig lehet jelentkezni a többéves kutatásban való részvételre.

A kutatás célja feltárni azokat a strukturális és kulturális tényezőket, amik gátolják vagy elősegítik a kutatás tárgyát képző Észak-Amerikai bankot, szervezeti innováció és együttműködés terén.

További információ, és a jelentkezés módja angolul:

Postdoctoral Fellow Position

Professors Bill McEvily and Tiziana Casciaro at the Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto are seeking a Postdoctoral Fellow to support a multi-year research project on dynamic networks in organizations. The preferred start date is September 1, 2017. This is a 1-year limited appointment position with opportunity to renew for an additional year.

The purpose of this project is to pinpoint structural and cultural barriers and drivers of organizational innovation and collaboration at a large North American bank.  The project will take a social network approach to map the present connectivity of employees at the Bank, link it to their capacity to overcome inertia and mobilize resources to get their job done swiftly and innovatively, and design and test interventions (such as, changes to the organization’s formal structure and processes) to alter employee networks and boost innovation and collaboration where desired. The study’s focal population are the Bank’s 5,200 middle managers.

The Bank is providing extensive data, over time, including (i) electronic communication data (email, calendar, and IM), excluding content, for 45,000 employees over 18 months yielding approximately 1-2 billion data points, where a data point is any instance of electronic communication between any two employees, and (ii) human resources records for 45,000 employees and their formal role, career history at the Bank, demographics, and performance;  complementing these existing data, the Rotman research team will administer customized surveys, including (iii) an ego-network survey of the 5,200 middle managers to identify their primary contacts at the Bank and (iv) a 360° evaluation of middle managers’ ability to get things done from the perspective of their superiors, subordinates and peers, as defined in the formal structure.

The Postdoctoral Fellow will work under the supervision of Professors McEvily and Casciaro, and the role will have three main responsibilities. First, the PostDoc will be expected to design, develop, and manage the data architecture to support the project. Second, the PostDoc will be primarily responsible for the statistical analysis of the data, particularly the dynamic modeling of large networks.  Third, the PostDoc will be expected to collaborate with Professors McEvily and Casciaro in the development of research papers, conference presentations, and the submission and revision of papers to top-tier, peer-reviewed organizational journals. The post-doc will be invited to participate in the broader research activities of the Rotman School, including research seminars and events.

The salary will be CAD 70,000. Benefits include health insurance and paid vacation and sick leave. The PostDoc will also receive a CAD 5,000 research stipend for costs associated with research projects and conference travel.

Successful candidates will fulfill these requirements:

  • PhD or equivalent Doctoral degree (must be completed by start date of Postdoctoral Fellowship) in economics, sociology, management, or other related social science.
  • Strong skills in modeling large scale, dynamic network data with experience with one or more of the following: ERGM, TERGM, SIENA, relational event models, and MRQAP
  • Strong skills in data management including programming (Python &/or R), database management, and big-data batch processing
  • Demonstrated interest and research on topics related to dynamic networks in organizations.

To apply, please e-mail the following to Tiziana Casciaro, by August 10, 2017:

  • Cover letter
  • CV
  • One representative publication or working paper
  • Two letters of recommendation (sent directly to the email above by the recommenders)

Employment as a Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Toronto is covered by the terms of the CUPE 3902 Unit 5 Collective Agreement. Please note that the term“Fellow”is the one mandated in the collective agreement; otherwise, we would have used the less gendered term“Scholar”in this notice.

Rotman is situated in the heart of Canada’s corporate and financial center, and the world’s most diverse city. Rotman’s core values reflect this diversity and, as such, we have a preference for candidates with demonstrated experience and interest in promoting a diverse and inclusive research and teaching environment. For more information about the Rotman School and its core values, please visit:


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