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Guest Lecture: Aleš Debeljak

ELTE Faculty of Social Sciences invites everyone to a guest lecture of prof. Aleš Debeljak with the title: Europe's Identity Crisis: Time for No More „Us” and „Them"? Date: 25th April 2014

Global trust and solidarity seem to be in decline. This lecture will explore reasons for this, by looking at the opposition between cosmopolitanism and nationalism, and between the ideas of „at home” and „abroad", which have been in conflict in Europe since the birth of modern nations. 19th-century cosmopolitanism soon turned into the nationalism of the post-WWI order, and the two attitudes now clash due to both globalisation and its opposing force, protectionism. The lecture suggests innovative hybridisation and creative cross-fertilisation as solutions to this problem, and especially as ways to stem the tide of isolationism.

Aleš Debeljak (b 1961), professor of cultural studies at the Faculty for Social Studies of the University of Ljubljana, has published 14 books of cultural criticism, focusing particularly on Eastern Europe, and is involved with a number of sociological, cultural, literary and scholarly journals and bodies dealing with foreign relations. He is also one of the distinguished guests at the 21st International Book Festival in Budapest this year.

Time: 1 PM- 3 PM, 25 April 2014
Location: ELTE Társadalomtudományi Kar/ ELTE Faculty of Social Sciences
Address: 1117 Budapest, Pázmány Péter sétány 1/a., Északi tömb/Northern block, lecture hall 1.71.

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