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The power of a photograph: the benefits of participatory feminist research methods

Az ELTE TáTK Társadalomkutatások Módszertana Tanszék és a Gender Studies Kutatóközpont minden érdeklődőt szeretettel vár Dr. Jennifer Fleetwood (University of Leicester) és Camille Stengel (PhD candidate, ELTE University/University of Kent) február 19-én tartandó előadására.


This talk explores the significance of power in the research process, and examines the use of participant photography as an innovative, new way of overcoming issues of power inequalities.
Dr. Fleetwood will provide an overview of feminist research focusing on concerns about overcoming power inequalities. Ms. Stengel will then outline the main elements of participatory action research, using her current PhD research as an example. Her novel field research incorporates participatory action techniques of photovoice and photo elicitation to capture the unique dimensions of a women’s only needle exchange day for women who inject illicit drugs. Ms. Stengel will present some photographs taken by respondents, and discuss some of the lessons learned as a result of her fieldwork experiences.

Date: 19 February, 2014 at 18.00
Place: Room 0.99
ELTE Faculty of Social Sciences, Lágymányos Campus, Pázmány Péter sétány 1/a.

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No previous registration is required! (The lecture will be held in English, no interpretation is provided.)

Dr Jennifer Fleetwood is a lecturer in Criminology at the University of Leicester. Her background is in sociology and her interests in gender led to researching women’s offending. Her book ‘Drug mules’ will be published in 2014.
Camille Stengel is an Erasmus Mundus doctoral fellow in the EU programme Doctorate in Cultural and Global Criminology. She is currently based in the criminology department in the faculty of Law at ELTE, and is conducting her fieldwork in Budapest.

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