Megjelent Kmetty Zoltán tanulmánya a Reviews on Environmental Health folyóiratban

Megjelent Kmetty Zoltán [adjunktus, Szociológiai Intézet], Tomasovszky Álmos és Bozsonyi Károly "Moon/sun - suicide. Attempts to understand the complex mechanism of suicide" című tanulmánya a  Reviews on Environmental Health című Q2-kategóriás folyóiratban. A témája az öngyilkosságok összefüggése a hold-periodusokkal és a naptevékenységgel.  

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Findings concerning the effects of moon phases and sun activity on suicide are mixed in the international literature. Our aim was to examine the hypothesised effects according to gender and age on Hungarian data covering more than 30 years. Time series ARIMA models and dynamic regression models were applied in our analysis. Among women aged 20–49 years, a significant increase in the risk of suicide has been observed during proton solar events. At the same time, among women aged 50–59 years a slight but significant decrease has been identified in the risk of suicide during magnetic storms and full moons. Proton solar events, geomagnetic storms and moon phases caused changes in the risk of suicide in certain age groups in the case of women only.

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