The Challenge to Academic Freedom in Hungary

The Challenge to Academic Freedom in Hungary

24. March 2022. 16:00 - 18:00



2022. March 24. 16:00 - 18:00


The Institute of Political and International Studies invites you to the book launch and conversation about The Challenge to Academic Freedom in Hungary: A Case Study in Authoritarianism, Culture War and Resistance by author Andrew Ryder (Habil. Associate Professor, Department of Human Rights and Politics).

About the book

Ryder’s book presents a case study as to how an authoritarian regime like the one in Hungary seeks to tame academic freedom. Ryder probes the reasons for ideological conflict within the academy through concepts like ‘culture war’ and authoritarian populism. He explores how the Orbán administration has introduced a series of reforms leading to limitations being placed on the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Gender Studies no longer being recognized by the State, the relocation of the Central European University because of government pressure and new reforms that ostensibly appear to give universities autonomy but critics assert are in fact changes that will lead to cronyism and pro-government interference in academic freedom.

  • One of the first books on academic freedom in Hungary
  • Addresses the key challenges for academic freedom across the globe
  • Discusses the growing movement towards learning rooted in the principles of inclusivity


The following guests participate in a conversation about academia in Hungary:

  • Andrew Ryder – ELTE
  • Ziegler Dezső Tamás – ELTE/visiting scholar, Cornell University
  • Upor László – Free SZFE Association
  • Pap András László – ELTE, moderator

Online access

The book launch and conversation can be accessed via the following LINK.