Our Faculty has been involved in the Erasmus programme, the most important mobility programme, since 1996. Nowadays we have bilateral agreements with more than 60 universities all over Europe giving students, teachers and administrative staff the opportunity to attend partner institutions. We send approx. 60 students to our partner universities every year, and receive more and more incoming students each year.

An exchange student is a student who is admitted to our university under an exchange programme such as Erasmus or a bilateral agreement. In this case the student is a registered student at their home university and spends one or two semesters at ELTE.

Application process

1. Nomination by the sending instituition:

To be an exchange student you must be selected by your home institution. Once you are selected, your home coordinator has to send an official nomination e-mail to


Nomination deadline (sending instituition)

Registration deadline (student)

autumn semester

10th May

30th May

spring semester

10th November

30th November

2. Application by the student:

After your nomination is confirmed, you will recieve an e-mail from us with useful information and will be asked to fill our online application form.

We do not require any language certificates, but you must have at least B2 English or Hungarian language proficiency to complete the semester successfully.
Please also make sure that you have a valid health insurance for the duration of your stay.
Please find here our academic calendar.

3. We confirm your acceptance and issue your official acceptance letter (only if you indicated it in the application form).

4. Prepare your Learning Agreement

Before your arrival, you will be asked to fill in a preliminary learning agreement (before the mobiliy) where you should indicate the courses you intend to choose. If you are accepted at this Faculty, you should take 2/3 of your courses here, the remaining 1/3 can be chosen from other faculties. The exact timetable containing the date, time and place of the courses will be communicated at the beginning of each semester. The course list can change slightly by the beginning of the semester.
Please note that your workload is specified by your home institution. They usually require you to gain 30 ECTS credits per semester, but it can differ according to your university's requirements.



Eötvös Loránd University, Faculty of Social Sciences




Hungary, HU


H-1117 Budapest, Pázmány Péter sétány 1/A


Name: Rita Herángli-Varga
email / phone: +36-1/372-2500/6779 
Function: international coordinator

5. Organize your travel

After arrival

1. Participate in the Orientation Week

During the registration week, we always organize an Orientation Day, where our Faculty is introduced to exchange students together with a lot of useful administration-related and practical matters.
Physical documents to bring along for personal registration:

  • Identity card or passport
  • Confirmation of arrival (filled!)
  • Other document that your university requries from you (filled!)

Other programs for incoming students:

2. Course registration

A signed Learning Agreement does not mean that you are already registered for the courses. Registration works electronically via Neptun (the electronic study system of ELTE) in the first weeks of each semester.

Closing your mobility

TO-DO before departure:

  • Check your grades in Neptun at Exams/Taken exams and at Studies/ Gradebook by choosing the current semester. If your gradedoes not appear in Neptun or the grade achieved with an exam does not match in Neptun, please contact your lecturer urgently. Otherwise, a request can be submitted in Neptun as a complaint about a missing or wrong grade. More details and deadlines in the Academic Regulations for students:
  • Check your payment obligations in Neptun/Finances and fulfil them if you have. Your Transcript of Records cannot be issued if you have an outstanding balance. How to pay your fees:
  • You must send a Confirmation of Stay/Certificate of Attendance form to us (the form differs in each university, please ask it from your home university coordinator).
  • Your mobility closing documents (Transcript of Records, Confirmation of Stay) will be prepared after you notify us that your grades are recorded in Neptun accurately.