Strategic projects

Strategic projects
Our faculty is constantly aiming at developing and meeting new strategic project goals, in order to maintain continuous professional, infrastructural, and academic improvement.

ELTE Faculty of Social Sciences is now partaking in the following strategic projects, funded by the Hungarian Ministry of Human Resources:

EFOP 3.4.3

In accordance with the objectives stated in the EFOP-winning application of ELTE Faculty of Social Sciences, a comprehensive educational development project is being implemented between 2017 and 2020, with a budget of approx. HUF 55M. In line with the long-term strategic goals of the EFOP-3.4.3.-16-2016-00011 project titled “Expediting higher education accessibility; developing a complex and sustainable environment to support education; reinforcing innovative education at ELTE premises,” the following deliverables are to be implemented:
Improving the practical content of our existing training programs, in order to mitigate dropping out, as well as to transfer labor-market-fit competencies and knowledge.
Liaise between private, public and civil sector experts, integrating their experience and expertise into our training programs.
Post-graduate training course system- and content-development—in correspondence with the demands of life-long- and distance-learning. Short-time and weekend courses are available for full-time employees, as well.
Developing online and distance learning programs.
Developing innovative digital class rooms. 
Above these goals, the faculty also contributes to the following university-level objectives: MOOC (massive open online course) curriculum development, and univeristy-level research to detect the causes of dropping out, and planning preventive and mitigating interactions against dropping out.

EFOP 3.6.3

ELTE Faculty of Social Sciences is participating in the EFOP-3.6.3-VEKOP-16-2017-00007 project, titled “From Talent to Young Researcher.” The Hungarian Ministry of Human Resources has granted an aid of HUF 1.8  billion to the joint application submitted by the Corvinus University of Budapest; the University of Debrecen; the University of Pécs; and ELTE. In the project, the participating two ELTE faculties (Faculty of Social Sciences and Faculty of Law) were awarded HUF 280 million to further develop bachelor’s, master’s degree, and doctoral training programs. The professional manager of the project is Veronika Szabari.

The 4+5-year-long program’s objective is to increase the R&D and innovation potentials, as well as the efficiency of the social science-related training programs of the participating universities. The program also aims at reinforcing the activities of the partaking institutions’ doctoral schools, and at supplying—and later deploying—a productive researcher talent pool. In order to do so, the project is targeting to reach the following three strategic goals:
1) Improving scientific research performance, facilitating the completion of PhD programs for doctoral students, as well as training a pool of young researchers;
2) Supplying—and later deploying—a researcher talent pool, accelerating the professional activities of doctoral students;
3) Reinforcing research environment, in order to boost R&D and innovation activities.