Study with Us

Study with Us


ELTE Faculty of Social Sciences is the country’s largest social science education centre with numerous internationally-renowned and widely-published faculty members guaranteeing the highest possible level of teaching. Our school – besides having strict academic requirements – has an open and collegial atmosphere where students enjoy studying. The staff’s readiness and willingness to help makes our institution a truly inspiring and stimulating environment.

We have a Faculty with outstanding professional knowledge, and we know exactly what kind of employees employers look for on the job market. The researchers and professionals who teach our courses make every effort to incorporate the results of research in the humanities and natural sciences, to back up theory with practical approaches, and to go beyond skills development to inspire students to think critically, to seek constructive solutions, and to have an open worldview.

We recommend our courses especially to those who wish to enhance their knowledge in the field of social sciences or who wish to specialise in a narrower field of study within it. We also welcome students with various scientific backgrounds who provide significant added value to all that is taught at our Faculty.

As per 2019, our Faculty provides the following training courses in English:



Applied Economics
International Relations

Cultural Anthropology
Health Policy Planning and Financing
Internation Relations
Minority Policy


Sociology PhD Programme