International courses

Faculty of Social Sciences offers a range of courses in foreign languages in every semester, mainly in English. These courses are all related to social sciences, and available for incoming exchange students.

The courses of our Ethnic and Minority Studies Master Programme and Health Economics master Programme also accept exchange students, but only in limited number, and always on the lecturers' decision. For your information please find below our offers from the current and previous semesters. We usually have similar courses every year.

International Courses Semester 20192020/1 (autumn)
Code Title Credits Type Level
ECBA001 Introduction to mathematics of economics 3 Seminar BA
ECBA002 Calculus 6 Seminar BA
ECBA004     Analysis of economic data 4 Seminar     BA
ECBA007     Informatics for economists 4 Seminar     BA
ECBAC008 Introduction to economics 3 Lecture     BA
ECBAC008s Introduction to economics seminar 2 Seminar BA
ECBA019 Legal environment of the economy 3 Lecture BA
ECBA022 Scientific Methodology (Philosophy of Science) 2 Lecture BA
ECBA023 Scientific Methodology (Game Theory) 2 Seminar  BA
ECBA006 Econometrics 6 Seminar BA
ECBA016 History of economic thought I. 4 Lecture BA
ECBA010 Microeconomics II. 6 Seminar BA
EKAN100 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology 1. 2 Seminar MA
EKAN102 History of Cultural Anthropology - An Introduction 3 Lecture BA/MA
EKAN103 Anthropological Theories and Methods 1. 2 Lecture MA
EKAN105 Anthropological Theories and Methods 3. 2 Lecture MA
EKAN106 Anthropological Theories and Methods 4. 2 Lecture MA
EKAN108 Anthropology of Religion 3 Lecture  BA/MA
EKAN112 Anthropology of Religion Seminar 3 Seminar BA/MA
EKAN122 Research Related Ethical Issues in Cultural Anthropology 3 Lecture MA
EKAN124 Techniques of Anthropological Fieldwork 1. 2 Lecture MA
EKAN115 Anthropology of Politics Seminar 3 Seminar BA/MA
EKAN120 Anthropology of Asia 2 Lecture BA/MA
EKAN121 Anthropology of Europe 2 Lecture BA/MA
EKAN117 Anthropology of Africa 2 Lecture BA/MA
HCP210 Methodology of economic modelling in health care 4 Lecture MA
HCP212 Measurement of patient reported outcomes 4 Lecture MA
HCP219 Principles of pharmaceutical policy 4 Lecture MA
IRB100 Introduction to political science 3 Lecture BA
IRB101 Introduction to law 3 Lecture BA
IRB103 Reading Academic Texts 5 Seminar BA
IRB105 History and theory of international society 3 Lecture BA
IRB106 Introduction to international law 3 Lecture BA
IRB107 The history of European integration 3 Lecture BA
IRB115 Security studies 3 Lecture BA
IRB116 International economy 4 Lecture BA
IRB117     Policies of the European Union 4 Lecture BA
IRB118 Policy areas of the European Union 5 Seminar BA
IRB119 Foreign policy analysis 4 Lecture BA
IRB120 Foreign policy and security issues seminar 5 Seminar BA
IRB121 Globalisation - Information Society 4 Lecture  BA
IRB126 Comparative Politics 4 Lecture BA
IRB127 Social statistics 5 Seminar BA
K:006 Contemporary Challenges for the Hungarian Society 5 Lecture BA/MA

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