International courses

International courses

Courses for exchange students

Faculty of Social Sciences offers a range of courses in English. These courses are all related to social sciences, and available for incoming exchange students.

The courses of our Ethnic and Minority Studies Master Programme and Health Economics master Programme also accept exchange students, but only in limited number, and always on the lecturers' decision. For your information please find below our offers from the current and previous semesters. We usually have similar courses every year.

International courses of semester 2019-2020/2 (spring)

Subject code (in Neptun)  Subject name Type Level Credit Lecturer
K:006 Contemporary Challenges for the Hungarian Society lecture BA/MA 5 Prónai Csaba

Strategic Pricing and Marketing of Healthcare Technologies – focusing on pharmaceutial industry

seminar MA 4 Tamás Szolyák
K:041 Measuring well-being and social progress seminar BA/MA 5 Orosz Éva
K:IRB128/B19 The (Bright) Future of Europe: If Any seminar BA/MA 5 Gyarmati István
K:IRB128/C1 East Asia, Taiwan and Japan via movies  seminar BA/MA 5 Kopper Ákos, Peragovics Tamás Ferenc
K:IRB128/C10 An Introduction to Human Security:  A People Centered Approach to Enganging Current and Emerging Human Insecurities - Focus on Africa seminar BA/MA 5 Wilmah Isaboke Dr.
K:IRB128/C11 Canada-USA seminar BA/MA 5 Zsigó Frank Thomas Dr.
K:IRB128/C16 The geopolitical structure of East-Central Europe seminar BA/MA 5 Lönhárt Tamás Dr
K:IRB128/C17 Universalism of human rights seminar BA/MA 5 Salát Orsolya dr.
K:IRB128/C2 Geopolitics seminar BA/MA 5 Kopper Ákos
K:IRB128/C3 Latin America seminar BA/MA 5 Sieber Luz Filho Jose Francisco
K:IRB128/C4 European market integration and regulation seminar BA/MA 5 Varju Márton Dr.
K:IRB128/C5 Contemporary issues in equality law seminar BA/MA 5 Farkas Lilla Csilla Dr.
K:IRB128/C7 Brexit Britain and Europe at a crossroads: The politics of anxiety and transformation seminar BA/MA 5 Andrew Ryder Dr.
K:IRB128/C8 Middle East seminar BA/MA 5 Schweitzer András
ECBA003 Mathematics of economics lecture BA/MA 3 Lovics Gábor Tibor
ECBA005 Probability and statistics seminar BA/MA 5 Elek Péter
ECBA009 Microeconomics I. seminar BA/MA 6 Kőhegyi Gergely
ECBA012 International economics seminar BA/MA 6 Tóth Benedek
ECBA013 Theory of firm  seminar BA/MA 5 Bisztray Márta
ECBA014 Banking and finance lecture BA/MA 4 Kiss Hubert János, Király Júlia Dr.
ECBA015 Public economics lecture BA/MA 4 Váradi Balázs
ECBA016 History of economic thought I. seminar BA/MA 4 Kovács János Mátyás, Kőhegyi Gergely
ECBA020 Introduction to finance and accounting lecture BA/MA 4 Soltész Attila
ECBA021 Academic writing seminar BA/MA 3 Mavra Miroslav
ECBA024 Economic History I. lecture BA/MA 4 Szobi Pavel
HCP211 Methodology of economic modelling in health care (2) lecture MA 4 Nagy Balázs Dr.
HCP213 Financing of health technologies lecture MA 4 Inotai András
HCP220 Market access and marketing lecture MA 4 Szolyák Tamás
HCP307-X Regional planning and coordination of care lecture MA   Kollányi Zsófia Katalin
EKAN101 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology 2. seminar BA/MA 3 Kiss Máté
EKAN104 Anthropological Theories and Methods 2. seminar BA/MA 3 Mavra Miroslav
EKAN107 Anthropological Theories and Methods 5. seminar BA/MA 3 Mavra Miroslav
EKAN110 Social Anthropology lecture BA/MA 3 Mavra Miroslav
EKAN111 Political Anthropology lecture BA/MA 3 Szabó Miklós
EKAN114 Social Anthropology Seminar seminar BA/MA 3 Mavra Miroslav
EKAN116 Antrophology of Aesthetics lecture BA/MA 2 Papp Richárd
EKAN118 Anthropology of America lecture BA/MA 2 Szabó Miklós
EKAN119 Anthropology of Australia and Oceania lecture BA/MA 2 Szabó Miklós
EKAN123_U Visual Anthropology seminar BA/MA 3 Prónai Csaba
EKAN125 Techniques of Anthropological Fieldwork 2. seminar BA/MA 3 Papp Richárd
EKAN126 Fieldwork-preparation seminar BA/MA 5 Szabó Szandra Zsuzsanna
IRB108 Introduction to constitutionalism lecture BA 3 Kovács Ágnes
IRB109 Introduction to economics II. lecture BA 4 Pete Péter
IRB111 Theories of international relations lecture BA 4 Szalai András
IRB113 Decision-making in the European Union  lecture BA 4 Simon Zoltán Dr.
IRB121 Globalisation - Information Society lecture BA 4 Kállai Péter
IRB122 Citizenship, nationalism lecture BA 4 Körtvélyesi Zsolt dr., Nagy Alíz
IRB123 European law and law harmonisation lecture BA 4 Szép Viktor, Ziegler Dezső Tamás Dr.
IRB124 Theories of money and monetary policy lecture BA 4 Stecné Barati Izabella
IRB126 Comparative Politics lecture BA 4 Kállai Péter, Unger Anna Róza
IRM:S2:1 Institutions of Security seminar MA   Dunay Pál
IRM:S2:2 Conflict and Peace Studies seminar MA   Szálkai Kinga
IRM:S3:1 Human Dignity seminar MA   Körtvélyesi Zsolt dr.
IRM:S3:2 Freedom of Religion seminar MA   Salát Orsolya dr.
IRM01 Theory of International Relations seminar MA 3 Szalai András
IRM08 International Economic Relations and Financies lecture MA 3 Török Zoltán
IRM13 Equality lecture MA 4 Tóth Gábor Attila
IRM14 The Methodology of Research in International Relations seminar MA 3 Zsigó Frank Thomas Dr.
NTm34-16 Civil society seminar MA 5 Zsigó Frank Thomas Dr.
NTm344 Current Issues in Human Rights: Advanced Seminar seminar MA   Salát Orsolya dr.
NTM349 Fascism, populism and democracy seminar MA 5 Unger Anna Róza, Ziegler Dezső Tamás Dr.
SZM712.1 Comparative social work seminar BA 3 Hegyesi Gábor
ESZOCBA02 Introduction to Sociology 2. lecture BA 4 Gerő Márton
ESZOCBA06 Social History 2. lecture BA 4 Gyáni Gábor
ESZOCBA106 Quantitative Data Analysis 1. seminar BA 5 Koltai Júlia Anna
ESZOCBA108 Statistics 1. lecture BA 4 Rudas Tamás
ESZOCBA109 Statistics 2. seminar BA 4 Rakovics Márton
ESZOCBA63 Sociology of Culture lecture BA 4 Zombory Máté
ESZOCBA65 Sociology of Communication lecture BA   Havrancsik Dániel
ESZOCBA77 Philosophy (for social scientists) lecture BA 3 Sik Domonkos
ESZOCBA78 Social Psychology lecture BA 4 Nagy Zsófia Anna
SZOCMA-MSZ:1 Freud and his circle seminar MA 5 Yilmaz Yunus Anil
GEND31 Women and Gender in State
Socialist Countries
seminar MA 5 Iva Jelusic


International courses of semester 2019-2020/1 (autumn)

Download File name Credit Level Field of study
Download File name Credit Level Field of study
Econometrics ECBA006_0.pdf 6 BA Applied Economics
Scientific Methodology (Game Theory) ECBA023_0.pdf 2 BA Applied Economics
Legal environment of the economy ECBA019_0.pdf 3 BA Applied Economics
Calculus ECBA002_0.pdf 6 BA Applied Economics
Analysis of economic data ECBA004_0.pdf 6 BA Applied Economics
Introduction to economics ECBAC008_0.pdf 3 BA Applied Economics
Microeconomics II. ECBA010_0.pdf 6 BA Applied Economics
Introduction to economics (seminar) ECBAC008s_0.pdf 2 BA Applied Economics
Anthropological Theories and Methods 1. EKAN103_0.pdf 2 BA/MA Cultural Anthropology
Anthropology of Religion EKAN108_0.pdf 3 BA/MA Cultural Anthropology
Seminar Anthropology of Religion EKAN112_0.pdf 3 BA/MA Cultural Anthropology
Anthropology of Africa EKAN117_0.pdf 2 BA/MA Cultural Anthropology
Anthropology of Asia EKAN120_0.pdf 2 BA/MA Cultural Anthopology
Informatics for economists ECBA007_0.pdf 4 BA Applied Economics
Techniques of Anthropological Fieldwork 1. EKAN124_0.pdf 2 BA/MA Cultural Anthropology
Anthropology of Europe EKAN121_0.pdf 2 BA/MA Cultural Anthropology
Political Anthropology Seminar EKAN115_0.pdf 3 BA/MA Cultural Anthropology
Fieldwork 2. EKAN128_0.pdf 2 BA/MA Cultural Anthropology
Fieldwork 3. EKAN129_0.pdf 2 BA/MA Cultural Anthropology
Scientific Methodology (Philosophy of Science) ECBA022_0.pdf 2 BA Applied economics
Research Related Ethical Issues in Cultural Anthropology EKAN122_0.pdf 3 BA/MA Cultural Anthropology
Fieldwork 6. EKAN132_0.pdf 2 BA/MA Cultural Anthropology
History of Cultural Anthropology – An Introduction EKAN102_0.pdf 3 BA/MA Cultural Anthropology
Introduction to Sociology 3. ESZOCBA03_0.pdf 4 BA Sociology
Introduction to Sociology 1. ESZOCBA01_0.pdf 4 BA Sociology
Introduction to Sociological Research ESZOCBA104_0.pdf 4 BA Sociology
Intercultural Training ESZOCBA-ES1_0.pdf 1 BA Sociology
Supplementary (pre-university) Mathematics ESZOCBA-ES2_0.pdf 1 BA Sociology
Cultural Anthropology ESZOCBA81_0.pdf 3 BA Sociology
Sustainable Cities and Consumption HUM51_0.pdf 2 BA/MA Sociology
Introduction to political science IRB100_0.pdf 3 BA International Relations
Introduction to law IRB101_0.pdf 3 BA International Relations
Social History 1. ESZOCBA05_0.pdf 4 BA Sociology
Introduction to international law IRB106_0.pdf 3 BA International Relations
The history of European integration IRB107_0.pdf 3 BA International Relations
History and theory of international society IRB105_0.pdf 3 BA International Relations
Foreign policy analysis IRB119_0.pdf 4 BA International Relations
Comparative Politics IRB126_0.pdf 4 BA International Relations
European Politics IRM11_0.pdf 4 MA International Relations
International Development Policy IRM09_0.pdf 4 MA International Relations
Psychology ESZOCBA76_0.pdf 3 BA Sociology
Lobbying EU Institutions: Theory and Practice K-IRB128_B8_0.pdf 5 BA International Relations
Policy areas of the European Union IRB118_0.pdf 5 BA International relations
Remembrance of the Shoah SZOCMA-MSZ1_0.pdf 5 MA Social Work
Policies of the European Union IRB117_0.pdf 4 BA International Relations
The Law and Politics of Brexit K-IRB128_B10_0.pdf 5 BA International Relations
State Power and Cultural Practices SZOCBA120A3.pdf 4 BA Sociology
Security studies IRB115_0.pdf 3 BA International Relations
Democratic Decision-making/theories of Democracy IRM04.pdf 4 MA International Relations
Contemporary Issues of World Politics NTb21.pdf 5 BA International Relations
Institutions of Human Rights Protection IRM07.pdf 3 MA International Relations
Political Ideologies and the Left-Right Dichotomy NTm357_0.pdf 5 MA International Relations
International Organizations IRM05.pdf 3 MA International Relations
Human Rights Advocacy Skills K-IRB128_B7.pdf 5 BA International Relations
International Ethics K-IRB128_B9.pdf 5 BA International Relations
Diplomacy: A Survey of Theories and Current Practices Ntm356.pdf 5 MA International Relations
Introduction to economics I IRB102.pdf 3 BA International Relations
The (Bright) Future of Europe: If Any NTb65.pdf 5 BA International Relations
Multiculturalism and Pluralism Ntm359.pdf 5 MA International Relations
An Introduction to Human Security: A People Centered Approach of Eganging Current and Emerging NTb128_C10.pdf 5 BA International Relations
The Middle East: Politics, Culture, History NTb128_5_0.pdf 5 BA International Relations
Contemporary Issues of EU Politics: Governance and Policy-making IRB128_1_0.pdf 5 BA International Relations
Sustainable Consumption: Governments, Corporations, Activists and Citizens IRB128_B5_0.pdf 5 BA International Relations
Blurring Boundaries of Citizenship K-IRB128_3_0.pdf 5 BA International Relations
Family and Society ESZOCBA04_0.pdf 4 BA Sociology
Contemporary Challenges for the Hungarian Society K_006_0 (4).pdf 5 BA/MA Sociology
Fieldwork 7. EKAN133_0.pdf 2 BA/MA Cultural Anthropology
Introduction to Cultural Anthropology 1. EKAN100_0 (1).pdf 2 BA/MA Cultural Anthropology
Fieldwork 5. EKAN131_0.pdf 2 BA/MA Cultural Anthropology

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