Doctoral School

Doctoral School

Doctoral School of Sociology

Doctoral School of Sociology

Mission statement

The Doctoral School of Sociology at the Faculty of Social Sciences, Eötvös Loránd University, as a prominent institution with a rich tradition in social science education in Hungary aims to provide high quality postgraduate training and research opportunities for Hungarian and foreign applicants committed to the study of social sciences.

The Doctoral School prepares students, according to internationally recognised standards of excellence in social sciences to become researchers, lecturers and professionals who are able to observe and examine social phenomena and their interconnections in their cultural and historical contexts, economic and societal embeddedness, as well as in the diversity of their possible methodological approaches. The work of the Doctoral School is rooted in the conviction that a theoretical orientation based on the classics of the social sciences and the acquisition of state-of-the-art methodological tools, which it provides to its students, are essential for the study and understanding of today’s social problems and challenges.

By obtaining a degree from one of the Doctoral School’s programmes that offer a broad range of topics, our students demonstrate their ability to conduct individual research resulting in new findings and innovative solutions, which can be of benefit to society. They are also able to present their results in the national and international scientific communication space and disseminate them to the wider public. Study and research at the Doctoral School prepares students for high-quality research, teaching or professional work and starts them for careers within or outside of academia in their home countries and internationally.

Members of the Doctoral School respect freedom of thought and expression, human dignity and general ethical standards; they form a supportive and inclusive scientific community. The Doctoral School welcomes all students and teachers regardless of their ethnic or cultural background, religious affiliation, political opinion, disability, gender, self-expression or sexual orientation. In the selection of students, teachers and research topics, the Doctoral School is guided only by criteria of excellence, achievement and relevance of the scientific questions posed.


Doctoral Council responsible for the training: Doctoral Council for Social Sciences Reseach Field
Branch of science: Social Sciences
Research Field: Sociology
Type of issued academic degree: PhD – Sociology
Master program accepted as entrance requirement for the PhD program: Sociology, Survey Statistics & Data Analytics, Social Policy, Social Work
Founded in: 2000

Personnel responsible for the doctoral training

  • Csaba Prónai – Assistant Professor, Dean
  • Zsombor Bódy – Professor, Head of the Doctoral School, President of the Faculty Doctoral Council

Core members

  • Ildikó Barna
  • Péter Bodor
  • Zsombor Bódy
  • György Csepeli
  • Nikosz Fokasz
  • Balázs Majtényi
  • Renáta Németh
  • Éva Orosz
  • Antal Örkény
  • Tamás Rudas
  • Judit Takács

Members of the Doctoral Council for Social Sciences Research Field

President: Zsombor Bódy – Professor, Head of the Doctoral School, President of the Faculty Doctoral Council
Core members: Prof. Em. György Csepeli, Prof. Em. Nikosz Fokasz, Prof. Balázs Majtényi, Prof. Em. Éva Orosz, Prof. Antal Örkény, Prof. Em. Tamás Rudas
External members: Gábor Péli DSc, Judit Takács research Prof. of TK
Student delegate of the Doctoral School