The aim of the program is to offer students in-depth knowledge on the topics of globalization, international institutions, security, development studies and human rights. It enables our graduate students to understand and analyze complex political and social problems that go beyond state borders and cultural boundaries.

Following an introductory semester on advanced classes of international relations and political science in the second semester, students can choose from one of the following specializations:

  • European development and foreign policy
  • Human Rights
  • Security Studies

Applicants will ideally be interested in politics, social problems and interactions between different nations and cultures. While we prefer to accept students with in depth knowledge in political science or international relations, our program is designed in a way to offer the opportunity for students with a different background to catch up with their peers during the first semesters if they are dedicated enough. 

We encourage our students to work independently and also as members of a team. We help them to develop skills of adaptability and self-reflexivity that are crucial in today’s fast changing world. Our aim is to give our students skills and knowledge that could be readily used whether they seek employment in the public or the private sphere.


Ákos KOPPER (Associate Professor) Head of the Department of IR and European Studies, Editor of the Journal of International Relations and Development, member of the executive board of CEEISA (Central and East European International Studies Association)

Balázs MAJTÉNYI (Associate Professor) – chairholder, UNESCO Chair on Human Rights and Peace

Gergely ROMSICS (Assistant Professor) – former director, Hungarian Cultural Center, New York

Orsolya SALÁT (Assistant Professor) – national director, EMA – The European Master's Programme in Human Rights and Democratisation – EIUC Global Campus

Pál DUNAY (Associate Professor) – professor, George C. Marshall European Center for Security Studies

Zoltán SIMON (Associate Professor) – Head of Unit at the European Parliament 

Zsolt KÖRTVÉLYESI (Assistant Professor) – project leader on minority policy, Hungarian Academy of Sciences

Career opportunities

Our graduates may seek employment at international institutions, the private sector, the media or at NGO’s.

Job examples

Foreign Policy Analyst; Lobbyist; Project coordinator (public/private/non-profit); Political Advisor; administrative jobs in the state bureaucracy and at private enterprises