The Faculty’s research centres are academic research and development laboratories which are based on cooperation between students and teachers. In many cases they were started before the Faculty was established in 2003 and as a result are rich in tradition. In addition to being permanent, the Faculty’s research centres are flexible and adapt quickly to change. Once a research and development project is over, the research centre’s focus will change or come to an end, and at the same time new research centres are created which examine the most current issues in various disciplines of the social sciences.

Although each research centre is run by one particular department, the groups are very much interdisciplinary in nature, as members come from various institutes and disciplines. The research centres have strong links with the international academic community, researchers and partner universities. The research centres also have links with the market, primarily through funding for vocational training and through cooperation agreements on providing internships.

Currently, each year on 14 groups carry out research or development work at our Faculty.




Research Centre for Digital Sociology

Tibor Dessewffy

Centre for Urban and Regional Research

Gábor Csanádi

Research Centre for East-Central, East and South-East Europe

László Balogh

Research Centre for Education and Youth

Domonkos Sik

Research Centre for Gender Studies

Anikó Gregor

Research Centre for Health Economics

Zoltán Kaló

Research Centre for Computational Social Science

Ildikó Barna & Renáta Németh

"Peripato" Research Centre for Social Dynamics

Nikosz Fokasz

Research Centre for Science

Eszter Pál

Research Centre for Social Conflict

György Csepeli

Research Centre for the Sociology of Communications and the Media

Mária Heller

Research Group for Prosopography and Family History

Zsuzsanna Kiss