Apply to ELTE, Faculty of Social Sciences!

Apply to ELTE, Faculty of Social Sciences!
Welcome to ELTE University, Budapest, Hungary! ELTE Faculty of Social Sciences is the largest university hub in Hungary specialized in social sciences.

Our English-language study programs are available on Bachelor’s, Master’s, PhD levels. Learn more about your opportunities to study at ELTE, reach out to us via this registration form and let us provide you with fresh information about our programs upon your request. Contact us and hand in your application until April 30, 2021.

Why ELTE, Faculty of Social Sciences?

Our university, ELTE—founded in 1635,—is the oldest, largest, and leading university in Hungary with an extensive international student community. Our faculty:

  • offers a wide range of programs which cover the entire spectrum of the social sciences;
  • places emphasis on both theoretical and empirical approaches;
  • offers high-quality academic and practical training;
  • is deeply embedded in international research and academic networks;
  • gives students a head start on the Hungarian and international job markets and prepares them for a career in academia if they wish to pursue this route;
  • has friendly and helpful lecturers.

Our Programs

Science Leads Us

ELTE Faculty of Social Sciences is the country’s largest social science education center with numerous internationally-renowned and widely-published faculty members guaranteeing the highest possible level of teaching. Our school—besides having strict academic requirements—has an open and collegial atmosphere where students enjoy studying. The staff’s readiness and willingness to help makes our institution a truly inspiring and stimulating environment.

We have a Faculty with outstanding professional knowledge, and we know exactly what kind of employees employers look for on the job market. The researchers and professionals who teach our courses make every effort to incorporate the results of research in the humanities and natural sciences, to back up theory with practical approaches, and to go beyond skills development to inspire students to think critically, to seek constructive solutions, and to have an open worldview.

Why Budapest, Hungary?

We are located in the heart of Europe, in Budapest, Hungary. Budapest is a safe and diverse city offering the best experience—culture, community, easy and cheap air-links to major EU cities—that a university student may desire. Budapest has a vibrant international/expat community—wherever you come from, you can be sure to find the best crew to hang around with.


Tolerance and openness are the core values of our Faculty. The programs that go beyond pure academic study (festivals, film clubs, discussions, and debates) provide students with the opportunity to get to know each other’s cultural backgrounds.

Students participating in our English language programs not only receive an internationally-recognised degree, they also enjoy the benefits of being a member of the ELTE community. These include sporting opportunities at our sports facilities, the services of the country’s largest university library, housing, and numerous other benefits.

Reach Out to Us!

The application period for the academic year of 2021/22—thus, the free consultation period as well—was closed on April 30, 2021. If you are interested in applying to one of our programs, please reach out to us via